The Standing Sock is a retail and online store where you will find high quality compression wear at competitive prices. We are dedicated to providing you with compression wear to keep you standing, on the move and healthy. Professional athletes, trainers, doctors, and nurses have long known about the benefits of graded compression wear. Now people of all ages and types can reap these benefits in circulatory health and look great doing it.

We are proud to offer a wide array of attractive compression garments to fit your lifestyle, including formal wear, bridal compression wear, maternity garments, athletic compression socks, travel, outdoor socks, surgical and medical compression sleeves and socks. This is just to name a few! Founded by a doctor and a nurse, The Standing Sock combines medical expertise in circulatory health with an extensive knowledge of the compression wear market, offering you the best products for whatever your needs are.

Even if you are not an on the go-go-go athlete working on your mojo, you will find graded compression socks and leg wear are a natural and holistic way to enhance circulation and reduce foot and leg pain. In our San Diego location you will receive a complimentary personalized fitting and samples are available that allow you to assess your preferences in fabrics, weight, compression strengths, and style. Plus size garments and hard to find sizes and compression strengths are also available.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about the benefits of compression socks and other compression wear, and to find out which garments will support your best health. We hope to see you in our San Diego compression wear store or shop online anytime and make wearing compression leg garments a part of your daily health routine. You’ll be amazed by how energized they make you feel and how good they make you look!